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The Santa Fe Trail Ranch Metro District (Metro) is a quasi-governmental tax district that was originally formed by a vote of the SFTR property owners to provide financial assistance with the construction of water and telephone service on our ranch. Since then, it has been instrumental in the construction of our new entrance bridge as well as the Metro Operations Center. In addition to the Metro Business Office, the MOC contains a large meeting room that hosts most of the ranch's meetings, and since it's completion in 2019, the summer picnic and other activities have been held under its spacious covered patio.

The SFTR Metro is governed by a 5 member Board of Directors. These Directors are elected to 2 or 4 year terms by the vote of Metro–qualified electors. They are responsible for the operation and profitability of the Utility. There are scheduled meetings at several different times of the year as required by statute, otherwise meetings are called as needed. Meeting notice is posted on the website at least 24 hours in advance and held at the Metro Operations Center, 33712 Mountain View Drive. Residents are permitted to attend meetings, but not participate unless invited to do so by the Board.

Water Service

Water service on Santa Fe Trail Ranch is provided by our Metro District. The SFTR water system has been functional since October of 2004, and is accepting applications for service. If you are interested in applying for service, please contact the Metro Business Manager, Abby Tamburelli at 719-846-3569.

All of the application documents can be downloaded from this page and printed for submittal. Once the completed application package is received by the Metro District, they will submit the appropriate paperwork to the City of Trinidad and installation of the meter pit will be scheduled.

The Metro's service ends at the outlet side of the meter pit, so you will be required to employ your own contractor to complete the connection. The Metro strongly recommends plumbing your system to allow manual filling of your cistern, and pressurizing your home by pumping from your cistern, since the water system was designed to do only that, and pressures are not adequate system wide for direct connection. The system only guarantees adequate pressure at the meter pit to replenish your cistern. There are areas where direct connection is an option, but it is prudent to have a cistern filled with water in case of water system outage.

Should you have questions which the Business Manager is unable to answer, you will be directed to contact the appropriate person on the SFTR Metro District Board.

In addition to the application documents below, there are additional documents to assist customers in tracking their usage, find the cause of a water outage at your location, provide information about their cisterns, and a water system map showing the lots served by each water tank.

SFTR Metro District Consumer Confidence Report - The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) and/or the SFTR Metro District and City of Trinidad Drinking Water Quality Report are available upon request from Abby Tamburelli at 719-846-3569.

APPLICATION PACKAGE ITEM 1: Water System Connection Requirements (updated July 2023)

APPLICATION PACKAGE ITEM 2: Cistern Info Form (updated July 2023)

APPLICATION PACKAGE ITEM 3: Residential Access Agreement (updated July 2023)

APPLICATION PACKAGE ITEM 4: Waiver of Residential Access Agreement (updated July 2023)

APPLICATION PACKAGE ITEM 5: Water Use Permit and Annexation Agreement (updated July 2007)


APPLICATION PACKAGE ITEM 7: Checklist For Water Meter Application (updated July 2023)

APPLICATION PACKAGE ITEM 8: Meter Pit Modification Request (updated July 2023)

No Water At Your Location Do-It-Yourself Checklist

SFTR Metro Water System Map

Customer Info For Cisterns (updated Jul 2023)

Water Usage Form (updated Jul 2023)

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